Will I keep my warranty if you service my bike?

Absolutely!! The industry standards stipulate that the work must be carried out by a trained motorcycle technician. So make sure you keep the records that we give you and your warranty will NOT be void.

When should I check my valve clearance?

  • MX/trail 4 stroke - Most owner’s manuals will stipulate when valve clearances are due, but as a rule single cylinder mx/trail bikes should be inspected every 15hrs/800km.
  • Road bike 4 stroke models – On road models will have to refer to the maintenance schedule. Bikes used for race/track purposes should be inspected more frequently.

*A common sign that your valve clearance is overdue may be difficulties in starting.

What oil should I use in my motorcycle?

  • Japanese – These models are designed for a semi synthetic oil (10w40 or 10w30 for Hondas), except for some post 2015 road models which must run a fully synthetic. Using a full synthetic in semi designed engines may result in poor clutch performance.
  • European - You can use a fully synthetic oil in most of your European machines, however best to refer to your owner’s manual and particularly use 10w60 when recommended in KTM’s, due to crank bearing design.
  • American cruisers - A 20w50  semi synthetic oil is recommended in late twin cam engines or mineral oil in your older models.

What fuel should I use in my motorcycle?

This topic is interesting. Fuel can vary from pump to pump. Your standard fuel is fast moving through the gas stations and also stays fresh for longer in your tank or jerry can.

We had recently conducted a test on a Gsxr1000 and saw no power difference from 91 to 98 octane rated fuel. Also keep in mind that fuel starts to lose its properties after around 3 weeks.

We recommend using premium unleaded Mobil fuel if your compression specs show a ratio which is more than 11:1

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