How to look after your road bike – Motorbike maintenance checklist

Maintaining your road bike can be quite overwhelming if you don’t have an understanding of the basics.

Reading your owners manual, getting to know your local motorcycle service centre, and having some basic tools and service care products is key to keeping on top of your bike’s maintenance.

In order to feel safe and confident on the road there are a few simple checks you can undertake.

Key points for pre-ride/ every 500km checks…

  • check all lights/ signals are operating
  • tyres – check pressure and inspect for wear
  • check engine oil level
  • coolant level – check this from your reserve bottle and fill to the max line
  • chain – clean, adjust and lubricate (in some cases your bike may have a belt or shaft)
  • brakes – check fluid level and brake pad wear
  • clutch free play/ slack (2-4mm)
  • throttle free play/ slack – make sure it returns and does not stick
  • check for loose bolts and parts that are not secured
  • check the position of controls and mirrors
  • ensure you have a fresh tank of fuel

Every motorbike is different, so along with these basic checks, it is important to follow  your maintenance schedule. If a bike is being used in harsh conditions/ competition use, then servicing and maintaining should be carried out more frequently.

Platinum Motorcycles director and head mechanic Louis recommends that if you don’t have the confidence, skills, or the right tools to carry out these checks, then please leave it to the experts.

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