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When it comes to getting your motorcycle handling properly, well set up suspension is a must have. Whether you ride to commute, for leisure, to race, on-road or off-road, you need your suspension to be adjusted professionally to your weight and riding style. This will ensure you get the best results when you are out riding.

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The Importance of Good Motorcycle Suspension

Suspension provides a mechanical dampening effect for variations in surface conditions. This reduces jarring and vibrations to smooth out the ride. Suspension also improves comfort and performance as well as reducing mechanical fatigue on the bike and rider alike. Yet most motorbike riders don't realise how much of an impact suspension has on their riding experience.

Motorcycle suspension impacts almost every aspect of your riding. It affects the look of the motorbike, the ground clearance, handling and cornering. In addition, it impacts traction and acceleration, braking, road surface responses. These road surfaces include potholes, gravel, cracks and mud. Suspension also impacts how your motorcycle handles obstacles - including curbs, rocks, debris, speed humps and jumps.


To get the most out of your suspension of your motorcycle, you need to consider how the bike is going to be used. This includes whether the motorbike is a dirt bike, road bikes, racing bike, motocross, or enduro.

You then need to adjust the suspension for weight. Weight factors include the rider, pillion passenger, luggage and anything else that is adding weight to the motorcycle.

Suspension also needs to be adjusted to have a degree of versatility. Versatility allows for variations due to standard riding responses and changing conditions.

The versatility provides a compromise between high performance results for a specific configuration and general usability in any situation.


If your motorcycle hasn't had its suspension adjusted since you bought it, it will still be setup with a standard configuration. This means your ride experience will improve greatly if you get the suspension adjusted to specifically suit you.

A newly purchased motorcycle will have its suspension configured for general usability in preference to performance. This allows the motorbike to ride well for any rider weight and for standard configurations. Dirt bikes, road bikes and racing bikes have different standard configurations, but adjustments for individual riders will still improve their overall performance and rider experience.

Platinum Motorcycles are Melbourne based experts at adjusting and repairing suspension for all types of motorcycles - including motocross, enduro, road and race bikes. We carry out suspension valving, springs to suit rider weight and aftermarket cartridge kits and shocks.

Visit our workshop at 1/33 Slater Parade, Keilor East, call us on (03) 9336 7278 or email to find out more about our suspension services. Visit our workshop at 1/33 Slater Parade, Keilor East, call us on (03) 9336 7278 or email  to find out more about our suspension services.

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