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High quality advanced multifunction Bluetooth communicator designed specifically for motorcycle communication, developed and produced by the world's leading SENA company for the LS2 Vector, Vector-C, Metro, Breaker and Valiant helmets. The set ensures reliable mutual communication between the rider and the co-driver, or between up to 4 riders. With the communicator, you can also make hands-free calls from your mobile phone, listen to stereo music or GPS voice guidance, all wirelessly via Bluetooth. Advanced digital signal processing technology delivers crystal clear listening even at high speeds (+150 km / h) with the best sound quality for incoming and outgoing class connections. The PCB effectively suppresses noise and distractions while riding. Wide connectivity includes connecting to up to two mobile phones at one time and GPS navigation.

  • The LinkIn Ride Pal is sleek and thin keeping a streamlined look on your helmet
  • The LinkIn Ride Pal is compatible with any other Sena system
  • Will pair with up to three other systems at one time for intercom use
  • An intercom distance of up to 400m
  • The LinkIn Ride Pal will also pair with other non-Sena communication systems using the Universal Intercom Mode
  • Use the multipoint pairing for a second device such as a mobile phone or GPS system
  • Listen to your favourite music with the A2DP Stereo
  • English voice prompt support
  • Advanced noise control
  • Update the LinkIn Ride Pal with the LRP device manager that can update firmware online
  • Up to 8 hours talk time and 7 days standby

Package contents:

  • Communicator LINKIN RIDE PAL III
  • Replacement foam on the microphone
  • Power and data USB cable

Compatible Helmets:

  • LS2 Challenger HPFC
  • LS2 Challenger Carbon
  • LS2 Rapid
  • LS2 Rapid Mini
  • LS2 Spitfire
  • LS2 Storm
  • LS2 Stream
  • LS2 Subverter
  • LS2 Valiant