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Voltage (V): 12V
Cranking Ampere (A): 350CCA
Net Weight: 2.50KG
Dimensions (L x W x H): 151 x 87 x 130mm
Included Spacers: 15mm Side
Replaces: MBYX12U, MBYZ16H, MBTX16U & MPLX16U

Founded in 2008, Motobatt is a manufacturer of premium Powersports batteries, battery chargers and battery related accessories. Motobatt is the creator and holds patents all over the world for the Motobatt 4 terminal battery that facilitates flexible battery installation across a wide variety of vehicles while maintaining an OE like fit.

Specifically designed for motorcycles, Motobatt batteries offer much higher cranking power and higher amp-hour ratings. Their batteries can withstand constant starting without draining the battery or causing long term cell damage. Their unique terminal design offers far greater versatility, allowing them to fit a wider range of applications which enables stockists to carry a narrower range of batteries for a large market, which makes it easier for retail customers to find a battery to fit their vehicle, in stock.

Hybrid Batteries:

Beyond the limits. The advantages of lead-acid and lithium in a single battery. Once again, Motobatt surprises with its technological advances, placing itself at the forefront in the Powersports industry. After several years of research and development Motobatt is ready to launch their new Hybrid technology. Motobatt’s Hybrid Technology is the perfect mix of lead-acid & lithium batteries, providing the advantages of both, allowing their new Hybrid range to achieve the best performance. In addition, their Hybrid range offers unique versatility thanks to its exclusive adjustable MFlex Terminal system that allows the Hybrid range to replace 92 JIS units with an offering of just 5.

MFLEX: Multiple & Flexible Terminal

  • Adjustable terminals
  • Solid internal connection
  • Copper terminals, for better driving

MHT: Motobatt Hybrid Technology

  • Exceptional cold starting power
  • Longer life cycles
  • Fast charging time
  • More secure and stable
  • Constant CCA in all weather conditions

HP: High-Performance Design

  • Overload protection
  • Protection against downloads
  • Temperature protection
  • Balance Control between cells, better performance

AGM: Absorbed Glass Matt

  • Fast recovery
  • Platelets designed for Powersports
  • Very resistant to vibrations

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lead Acid:

  • 90% stronger in starting power
  • 30% Lighter weight
  • 500% More life cycles
  • 50% Less auto-download
  • Faster Charge Time
  • Constant starting power in cold temperatures
  • Protection against overload, discharge and temperature

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lithium:

  • Compatibility with all original charging systems
  • 200% more amperage (AH)
  • Stable temperature
  • Longer life cycles
  • Higher starting power in cold temperatures
  • Can be charged with normal AGM lead chargers
  • More connections of extra electronic accessories