Putoline Action Bio Air Filter Cleaner - 600g

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Putoline Oil Biodegradable Action Cleaner is the world's number 1 biodegradable foam air filter cleaner!

Instructions for use:

Wear protective gloves and safety glasses.
- Put 3 litres of very hot tap water into the Action Cleaner bucket
- Add 100 gr Biodegradable Action Cleaner powder to the water
- Fully submerge the dirty filter. Wear gloves and take care not to burn your hands!
- Leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes
- Squeeze the filter thoroughly until the dirt is gone. Do not wring!
- Rinse the filter thoroughly with cold tap water, rinse until all soap remnants are gone
- Cover the filter with a clean cloth to dry
- Oil the filter again when fully dry, provided it is not damaged