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Whites ATV Refurb Kits are an industry-leading comprehensive kit for exceptional service of your or a customers ATV. A complete one-stop-shop that makes servicing a breeze. The Whites ATV Refurb Kits save you money compared to purchasing parts individually and are conveniently packaged together saving you time. High-grade materials are used for the exceptional ongoing performance of your ATV, guaranteed to provide superior durability AND reliability.

Kit Includes:

  • Whites Cable Brh Hon Trx250 Recon/ TE / TM (WPCC01007) -1x
  • Whites Tie Rod End Kit WPTR10-E Left ( 51358-HP5-003 ) (WPTR10-E) - 2x
  • Whites Tie Rod End Kit WPTR15-E Right ( 51357-HP5-003 ) (WPTR15-E) - 2x
  • Whites Wheel Bearing Kit (WPWB01005) - 2x, Wheel Bearing Kit Rear 25-1034 (AB251034) -1x
  • Ball Joint Lower 42-1008 (AB421008) - 2x
  • Whites Ball Joint Heavy Duty WPBJ32 (51355-Hp5-601) (WPBJ32) - 2x
  • A-Arm Kit Lower (Bush Kit) 50-1038 (AB501038) - 4x
  • Premier Brake Shoes TRX300 F 130X25mm (PBS82) - 2x
  • Whites Brake Shoes Water Groove 139 X 30mm (WPBS39185) -1x
  • Whites Corp . Eco Bag - 420Mm X 480mm (SFD002) -1x


  • Brand of included components may vary
  • Credit return of correctly supplied kits will only be accepted if in original unopened packaging, and are subject to a 25 restocking fee.