Is more better? Motorcycle dyno tuning and upgrades


Is more better? We now live in a fast society, where more is better. But when it comes to your motorcycle that is definitely not the case. A question we are asked every day is “I fitted an exhaust system now is my bike running lean?” And my answer to that is noone knows untill it is tested on a dyno. Every bike is diffrent and every product has diffrent demands. Motorcycles may not need more fuel or more power.It may need less in some areas and more in others to create a smooth tractable power curve with more torque. That may not result in more peak power yet feel so much better to ride. And in some cases more power on a chart result in a dull performing motorcycle down low where the power is actually being used.


Modern and pre modern EFI motorcycles do not run on the edge of lean, most of the time they are rich at higher RPM and by installing an exhaust system they run much cleaner. In other cases a full exhuast system will loose peak power even after tuned. We have tested many Honda CBR650F’s and noticed no power gain from OEM to aftermarket exhausts. But then a Kawasaki ZX10R will gain 10BHP from a performance half system. Every bike is different and needs to be tested and evaluated. That is what we do on our Dynojet dyno. We run a “health check” to see if your motorcycle needs a tune before you spend the money on “more” upgrades to your engine that may result in a less of a performing bike. That is when you spend time and money on tyres and suspension so that you are the most confident rider you can be!

When selecting an exhuast system for a road bike we recommend a slip on or half system. As you may create some midrange lag from a full exhaust system. On a track or racebike a full exhaust system is the go. As you will be using mostly the top end of your power range.

Performance airfilters are a product that is hard to select. As for brand we tend to stick with DNA or BMC (stock foam on dirt bikes). And some models do not benefit from a aftermarket filter element and some do. Some create more power with the stock paper filter and some dont. Modern sports bikes have a airbox design that needs to create turbulence and some airfilters on the market just dont cut it. So please consult our technician’s for advise or back to back tests to compare before installation.

When selecting a tuning module or ECU flashing package, we recommend you call us first. As every bike is diffrent and we can recommend according to your needs and upgrades. Some bikes will benefit from a fuel module only such as Powercommander or Bazzaz and other bikes benefit from tuning direct to the ECU like with Woolich Racing or TuneEcu.


We offer many stages of performance packeges for the following –

•Ducati ECU dyno tuning and Powercommander install

•Harley Davidson and Victory motorcycle tuning using Screaming Eagle, Power Vision and Maximus custom dyno tuning

•All Japanese road and dirt bike dyno tuning. Using products such as Powercommander, Bazzaz, Woolich Racing software and more

•Triumph motorcycle tuning using Rexxer, Powercommander and TuneEcu

•KTM,Aprilia and BMW custom dyno tuning with packages using Rexxer, Rapidbike, Powercommander and much more

•We also tune carburettors too.

For any other questions please contact us on 93367278 or visit our center at 1/33 Slater Parade, Keilor East Melbourne.




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