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What is involved in a Motorcycle RWC inspection?

What happens if my motorcycle fails the Road Worthy inspection?

What doesn't a RWC cover?

Is there anything I can check myself before I bring my motorcycle in for a RWC inspection?

Will I keep my warranty if Platinum Motorcycles services my bike?

When should I check my valve clearance?

What oil should I use in my motorcycle?

What fuel should I use in my motorcycle?

Do you have any tips on how to store my bike?

Do you have a tyre center?

How do I get the most out of my suspension?

Why do I need the suspension adjusted after I have purchased my motorcycle?




What is involved in a Motorcycle RWC inspection?

The RWC inspection is a check of the motorcycle to ensure that the key components are in a fit condition for safe road use.

It includes a check of:

  • wheels and tyres
  • steering, suspension and braking systems
  • seats
  • lights and reflectors
  • windscreen (when appropriate)
  • vehicle structure
  • other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine
  • VicRoads regulations 


What happens if my motorcycle fails the Road Worthy inspection?

If a motorcycle fails a RWC inspection then you are given 7 days to repair or replace the defect. Platinum Motorcycles will provide you with full information on the defects that need to be fixed to pass the RWC. We can also provide you with a quote for any work that needs to be done.

After the repair work has been completed to a satisfactory level a RWC will be issued. It is important to note that if the defects are not fixed within 7 days a second full RWC inspection will need to be undertaken.


What doesn't a RWC cover?

The roadworthiness test is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle.

The certificate does not mean:

  • that the motorcycle is in top condition without any wear or deterioration
  • non-safety related accessories are working
  • that the items checked during the roadworthy inspection will continue to function after the inspection e.g. a brake light can stop functioning at any time after the inspection.

The RWC test is not a complete assessment of a motorcycle's compliance with the Standards for Registration, which in most cases are the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). The ADRs are a set of minimum standards for the construction of all types of vehicles (including motorcycles). Compliance with these standards cannot be assessed by a RWC inspection alone.

If you require a comprehensive motorcycle inspection, Platinum Motorcycles can provide a full independent inspection report. 

Is there anything I can check myself before I bring my motorcycle in for a RWC inspection?

Some of the basic things you can check before you bring your motorcycle in for a Roadworthy Certificate inspection include:

  • make sure there is no oil dripping from the motorcycle
  • tyres must have over 1.5mm of tread
  • horn must be working
  • headlight, stop tail and dash lights must all be working
  • indicators must be in working order




Will I keep my warranty if Platinum Motorcycles services my bike?

Absolutely! The industry standards stipulate that the work must be carried out by a trained motorcycle technician. So make sure you keep the records that we give you and your warranty will NOT be void.


When should I check my valve clearance?

  • MX/trail 4 stroke - Most owner’s manuals will stipulate when valve clearances are due, but as a rule single cylinder mx/trail bikes should be inspected every 15hrs/800km.
  • Road bike 4 stroke models – On road models will have to refer to the maintenance schedule. Bikes used for race/track purposes should be inspected more frequently.

A common sign that your valve clearance is overdue may be difficulties in starting.

What oil should I use in my motorcycle?

  • Japanese – These models are designed for a semi synthetic oil (10w40 or 10w30 for Hondas), except for some post 2015 road models which must run a fully synthetic. Using a full synthetic in semi designed engines may result in poor clutch performance.
  • European - You can use a fully synthetic oil in most of your European machines, however best to refer to your owner’s manual and particularly use 10w60 when recommended in KTM’s, due to crank bearing design.
  • V Twin - A 20w50  semi synthetic oil is recommended in late twin cam engines or mineral oil in your older models.


What fuel should I use in my motorcycle?

Fuel can vary from pump to pump. Your standard 91 fuel is fast moving through the gas stations and also stays fresh for longer in your tank or jerry can. (We recommend staying away from United & Shell 98).

We had recently conducted a test on a GSXR1000 and saw no power difference from 91 to 98 octane rated fuel.

Keep in mind that fuel starts to lose its properties after around 3 weeks.

We recommend using BP Ultimate Fuel if your compression specs show a ratio which is more than 12:1

Do you have any tips on how to store my bike?

As much as we would love to ride our motorcycles all the time it is sometimes not possible. Whether life gets busy, you go on a holiday, Covid 19 stops the world or you just don’t ride that often, your bike can cost you more money left sitting around then when ridden excessively!

We have created a guide to help you safely store your pride and joy. You should start thinking about carrying out the following items after 3 weeks of hibernation. If your battery is strong, a pure batch of fuel and a recently serviced bike then you are in a better position to start off with.

Depending on how serious you are to not use your bike, choose the following topics accordingly…

This applies to road, dirt and ATV motorcycles.


When storing your motorbike you can do one of these two things…

  1. Drain your tank and run the fuel system dry of fuel or
  2. Use a stabilizer from your local auto store to prevent damage

If you are running your bike every now and then, drain it and purchase some fresh fuel to maintain its properties. Unleaded fuel does not last forever and in some cases is stale (bad) straight from the bowser. Premium fuels are more harsh on your tank and fuel systems due to the cleaning additives in them. Using 91 Octane fuel if you can while storing your motorbike is advised. We understand some high performance models recommend 98ULP but storing with 91ULP and light riding is fine.


If you have a kickstarter you can skip this part.

Your battery also does not last forever. Even if it is disconnected! It is like that old mobile phone in your draw that was turned off years back. It still needs a charge and is never the same after.

Use or purchase a battery tender/trickle charger. If you have a Lithium ion battery then we recommend you use an approved charger. A nice charge every few weeks will do. We do not recommend connecting and forgetting for safety reasons.


We recommend bike owners invest in stands for their motorcycle. Stands help to elevate your wheels and keep your bike upright. They also keep fluids from being pushed to the left side of the bike when on the side stand.

Keeping your bike in doors and covered is not only safe but also prevents weather damage and deterioration.


Tyres can go hard and crack over time. Some brands more then others, along with weather conditions can play a big part in how long they last.

Keep your tyre pressures pumped up 15% more than your recommended pressure to ensure they keep their shape over time.


With this topic you can carry out as little as oiling your chain and pivot points or as much as greasing your head-stem and suspension bearings, cables, axles, brake pins and electrical connectors.

It really depends on your experience, tooling and time available.


Oil and brake fluid should be fresh and free of condensation. Coolant should be clean and free of rust. If you are using water only (road race) then add an additive like MoCool or use coolant in the interim.

It is important to ensure you service your bike so that your components are protected, everything is set back to default and ready for the next ride!

If you have any questions, need any products mentioned or for us to carry out your hibernation checklist then please contact our team on 93367278 or email info@platinummotorcycles.com.au

Do you have a tyre center?

Choosing tyres for your motorbike can be daunting, let alone fitting them – you need a reliable source.

At Platinum Motorcycles we conduct a professional fitting and balancing service for your tyres.

We carry a wide range of road, race, dirt, ATV and scooter tyres.

Brands we stock include…

– Dunlop

– Pirelli

– Michelin

– Bridgestone

– Dragon

Don’t stock your brand of choice? Let us know, we can order it and have your tyres fitted in no time!

Platinum motorcycles also carry a wide range of tubes and tyre accessories.

How do I get the most out of my suspension?

To get the most out of your suspension of your motorcycle, we consider a number of factors. 

First we consider how the bike is going to be used - whether the motorbike is a dirt bike, road bike, racing bike, motocross, or enduro.

We then need to adjust your suspension for weight. Weight factors include the rider, pillion passenger, luggage and anything else that is adding weight to the motorcycle.

We also ensure your suspension is adjusted to have a degree of versatility. Versatility allows for variations due to standard riding responses and changing conditions. This provides a compromise between high performance results for a specific configuration and general usability in any situation.


Why do I need the suspension adjusted after I have purchased my motorcycle?

If your motorcycle hasn't had its suspension adjusted since you bought it, it will still be setup with a standard configuration. Your ride experience will improve greatly if you get the suspension adjusted to specifically suit you.

At Platinum Motorcycles we are experts at adjusting and repairing suspension for all types of motorcycles - including motocross, enduro, road and race bikes. We carry out suspension valving, springs to suit rider weight and aftermarket cartridge kits and shocks.

We have a suspension dyno to analyse fork and shock characteristics, so you can be sure that you will get the best results from your suspension adjustments when we do the job.